About PVRV:
Direct acting Pressure/ Vacuum relief valves , or Breather valves are special designed for tank protection. The range includes pressure only, vacuum only and combined pressure/ vacuum valves, all available with flanged outlets or vented to atmosphere. Pressure/vacuum relief valves are used extensively on bulk storage tanks, including fixed roof with floating covers, to minimize evaporation loss. The valves prevent the build up of excessive pressure or vacuum which can unbalance the system or damage the storage vessel.

Main Features:

  • Weather hood protects against environmental impact (e.g. weather, Bird nest etc.)
  • Easy maintenance.
  • Low operating and lifestyle cost.
  • High flow capacity maximizes cost effectiveness.
  • Fully field replaceable pallets and seat assemblies without need for special tools and complex procedures.
  • Size ranges from 25 NB to 300 NB and higher sizes available on request.
  • Compatible Material of construction.
  • Valve disk is guided within the housing to protect against harsh weather conditions.
  • Additional special devices available upon request.


  • Digesters & Gas holders.
  • Storage Tank Vents.
  • Oil / Petrochemical Refineries.
  • Offshore Drilling Platform Vents.
  • Flare Stakes Pulp & Paper Nag.,
  • Processing.
  • Vapor Inclination Systems.
  • Chemical Processing Plants.
  • Marine Loading Systems.
  • Vapor Recovery Systems.
  • Sewage Treatment Vapor
  • Processing .