Post Sales Service

GGE Provides Service and Spare Parts Support through dedicated service team to every installation across our territory. Each team comprises of well trained Customer Support Engineers and Service Engineers / Technicians. The Service set up is headed by a Product Support Manager responsible for ensuring timely and reliable services to the client.

The team look after Pre-Delivery Inspection, Erection & Commissioning, Warranty Services, Maintenance Services, Troubleshooting etc.

Each location is well equipped with Service Vehicles, Diagnostic and Special Tools Service Manuals and Parts Catalogs. Apart from regular training to its own service personnel, in case needed, GGE also imparts post commissioning and refresher training courses  to the operators and engineers of the Client

GGE offers comprehensive operation and maintenance options for clients. We would be happy to provide trained operators (if remote monitoring is not a preferred option) and a dedicated engineer at site to operate and maintain the gensets.  We would be willing to take on guaranteed availability / up time contracts on a penalty cum bonus basis.

We also undertake Annual Maintenance contracts ensuring trouble free operation of the machine.

In case needed we can offer Customer Support Agreements (CSAs) that are tailored to your needs. CSAs can take the form of:

Annual Maintenance Contracts (AMCs):

GGE offers Annual Maintenance Contracts covering a number of pre-determined visits in one year. During each visit, GGE’s Customer Service Engineer inspects the machine, records operating parameters with special tools and reports on the health of the machine/genset. After the study, the (Costumer Service Engineer) CSE gives his recommendations in terms of maintenance as well as parts to be stocked for trouble-free operation.

Operation & Maintenance Contracts (O&Ms):

O&M contract is custom made to suit your requirement, provides all maintenance and repairs for a guaranteed cost (one Flat Rate) for the expected utilization hours. We take care of All scheduled maintenances with spares changes, Oil sampling, Condition Monitoring of the Engines, Breakdown repairs for minor & major failures if any, Repair history and record maintenance, Genset and Control Panel, of course the gensets would be Operated by GGE personnel.

Visit Based Contracts :

Contract covers predefined number of visits, parts, labour and series can be provided at periodic intervals or when demanded by the client. Post visit our Engineer makes out a recommendation report for trouble free operation of the power plant.

Schedule Maintenance Contracts:

We carry out maintenance for defined jobs such as routine maintenance  E1, E2, E3 and periodic maintenance R1, R2 and R3 checks at manufacturers recommended intervals at predefined rates .

Comprehensive Maintenance Contracts :

In this model responsibility of preventive maintenance, minor spares, consumables, labour and minor repairs is with us and jobs are carried out as per manufacturers recommendation .

Operations / Escorting Maintenance Contracts :

We can provide only manpower for operating engines/ generators as per clients requirement.

Long Term Cost per Hour (CPH) Contracts:

The client pays pays per hour of operation of the genset for defined scope of maintenance.

Lube Oil Analysis Programme:

We suggest a lube oil sampling to be carried out after every 300 Hours of engine operation. This is to ensure that the engine is operating under optimum conditions. In case the Lube Oil is bought from GGE we do undertake the responsibility of the periodic oil sampling and offer recommendations of oil change intervals.