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Membrane Type Gas Holders

BGE has wide range of the anaerobic digester covers and constant pressure gas holders that BGE builds are often the main components that allow the use of biogas for electric and thermal energy production.

Highly specialized BGE engineers are ready to help their customers by suggesting the best technical solution available, to reduce costs...

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H2S Scrubber

Chemical Scrubbers

  • Chemical Scrubbers NaOH Type (Offered by BGE) Preferred for STP’s
  • Most successful design used the world over.
  • Over 20 installations in India
  • Low Power Consumption < 7 KW as only pumps are used.
  • Medium operating Cost
  • Low Capital Cost
  • Instant Start Up and Shut down
  • Low civil cost as the equipment supplied is skid mounted
  • Very small and easily disposable waste (pH...
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