Glass Fused Digester & Tanks

We use the captivating advantages of the steel and glass. Glass on the outside protects against corrosion, steel  is strong and flexible.

The excellent protection of the glass lined steel against corrosion, the dielectric strength and abrasion resistance, the hygienic surface, the temperature resistance and the resistance against aggressive media with excellent long-time resistance the use of enamel.

The modular design of our tanks allows a quick and easily assembly, long lifetime and low maintenance make glass lined steel tanks very user- friendly. They are very strong and suitable for complicated applications like bio-reactors, aeration and clarifier tanks, sludge and biogas tanks, tanks for biological oil-products, silos and tanks for the storage of potable and waste water and lots more.

Low investment, following and maintenance costs lead to a rapid amortization of your investment.

GGE offer you complete assembly or the erection with one of our supervisors and helpers provide by the client.

Our construction team react flexible to any local situation. The erection carried out with the help to lifting jacks or the platform including roof erection and sealing work.

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