BioGas Compressor

We are renowned supplier of Biogas Blower of premium quality. These blowers are widely used in sewage treatment plants, water treatment plant, fertilizers, grain, sugar industries, gas boosting, liquid agitation and sewage disposal etc.Offered product is appreciated for its durability, energy conserving, stable performance, low noise and high efficiency. These blowers are in high demand nationwide.

Biogas Blowers have been specially developed for pumping of biogas. Gas is sucked from the system and delivered to the desired destination against the system pressure. These are generally used in biogas lines to boost the gas pressures to meet the system input demand. Special material of construction, lubrication and sealing arrangements make them ideal choice for biogas applications. For inflammable and toxic gases leak tightness is ensured. For Gas Blower selection one has to consider the characteristic, nature of gas, composition, temperature, required gas flow rate & pressure etc. Motor can be sized accurately to pressure requirements.

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