Gas Gensets

BGE engines have a reputation of excellent quality and reliability and have been in use in all the oceans and continents over the last 35 years.
BGE have a gas engines range with outputs from 150 kW to 2000 kW and has developed their engine range on 4 basic platforms- 6 & 8 cylinder in line, 12 & 16 cylinder Vee. Over 90% of the parts of different models are inter-changeable. This allows the customer the flexibility to add engines of different models to suit his expansion needs and yet maintain a minimum inventory of parts. 

BGE engines, load carburation, speed and load are electronically self controlled, so they can operate at constant and limited emissions in spite of variation. The engine adapts to different qualities of gas which even allows to switch from natural gas to biogas with no stops. A computerised module provides readouts of the spark plugs condition or allows ignition advance to be adjusted through external signals. BGE engines can be equipped with a detonation detection and control system. This enables the engine to work under the severest working conditions while avoiding the effects of persistent detonation.

    • Reliable
    • Efficient
    • Economic maintenance
    • Environmental-friendly