Flare System

Flaring of biogas is mostly done with minimal facilities and without energy recuperation.Where there is more gas than can be used in the energy recovery system (through unusually high gas production rate or through breakdown/maintenance of the energy recovery system) then additional measures are necessary to eliminate the safety risks and protect the environment. The objective is mainly to avoid the risk of explosion caused by the presence of CH4 in the air.

There are two options.storage & flare.

Storage of biogas is possible for short periods without compression, but for periods of more than a few hours is generally impractical  due to the large volume. Compression and high pressure storage is performed but is always linked to biogas upgrading due the problems of corrosion and high cost.

Biogas flares are used to safely burn biogas that is surplus to the demand of energy recovery plant or where recovery plant fails. They may also provide the only means of safely disposing of biogas produced by anaerobic bioprocesses where the economics of energy recovery have not proved viable.

BGE offers wide range of flaring system and its accessories for smooth and safe operation of flaring system.

Main Features:

  • Reliable Operation
  • Increased destruction efficiency
  • Semi & fully automatic system
  • Easy maintenance
  • Low operating cost


  • Sewage treatment plant
  • Chemical & Petrochemical plant
  • Process industries
  • Biogas ,lanfill gas & producer gas,etc.
  • Sugar mills.