Agitators (Mixers)


Agitators/Mixers are used in digesters to mix and to make substrate alike, thus increasing the output of the plant and prevent solids setting down which in the long run might reduce the efficiency of the plant, for instance by clogging its pipes.

Main Features:

  • BGE supplies agitators/mixers of various models and specification.
  • Three types of agitators/mixers are supplied by GGE i.e. (a) Horizontal and Submersible. (b) Vertical and External (c) Lateral and External.
  • Agitators/mixers with automatic lubricator.
  • High efficiency agitators/mixers.
  • Agitators/mixers with adjustable propeller.
  • Agitators/Mixers for high temperature Conditions

GGE also supplied accessories for Agitators/Mixers for their best operation.

  1. Service Box
  2. Biogas Bracket
  3. Service Balcony